Volvo Trucks



With the Volvo FH, we started with a blank page. Then we designed every line and component from scratch for a truck that embodies safety.

We know what’s going on out there. We know what accidents look like. That’s why we do so many extra tests that are not called for by legislation.

What makes the Volvo FH safe?


With night mode, drivers have the option of instantly switching off all unnecessary dashboard backlights with the press of a button. The result is less glare in the driver’s field of vision, and fewer distractions from reflections in the windscreen and side mirrors. It is best suited to long-haul drivers when driving at night, and when reversing and manoeuvring in tough weather conditions or complex environments, such as when connecting or disconnecting trailers.

Safety Hatch

Every Volvo FH has a large skylight that doubles as an escape hatch. It also gives a bright, airy cab – helping you stay alert and focused on the road.


Around half of all fatalities in trucks could be avoided through use of a seatbelt – a fact worth remembering next time you hit the road.


Front Underrun Protection System

Absorbs some of the force in a collision by recoiling backwards under the truck. Now made from lighter and stronger materials, and effective at even higher speeds. 


We’ve integrated the front position lights and daytime running lights. As a result, the unit provides intelligent illumination from a compact package.

Mirrors and visibility

An array of smart features is designed to give real 360-degree visibility to our drivers. But the FH’s sizeable windows and mirrors also give brilliant coverage.

Active Safety Systems 

Your truck will help you. Get a brief overview of Volvo Trucks’ active safety systems in use.


Your local Volvo Trucks dealer can show you every outstanding safety feature, and answer any safety questions you have.