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Mud, sand, steep hills and harsh conditions. When the going gets tough, you need all-wheel drive. But you don’t need it all the time. Automatic Traction Control (ATC) is a revolutionary feature that gives you instant all-drive traction when you need it. And improves your manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency when you don’t.

The system is incredibly fast; it takes less than half a second to engage the dog clutch. This secures maximum traction and mobility at all times.

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How it works

When it’s slippery, Automatic Traction Control engages and disengages the front wheel drive automatically at the exact time you need it. Sensors on the rear wheels detect when you’re starting to lose traction, and all-wheel drive is instantly engaged. A dog clutch then transfers the power to the driven front axle, and the truck continues without dropping either torque or speed. The driven front axle remains activated until the driver releases the accelerator pedal.

ATC requires no driver interaction – it just works. There is, however, a dashboard switch that lets you manually engage the front axle, or when the driving conditions get extremely rough, engage all the diff locks.

This well-proven system has been a feature on Volvo Construction Equipment for years. We’re the first manufacturer to introduce this revolutionary system to a construction truck.

Save precious fuel

Our research shows that most only need all-wheel drive 5% of the time. This means that 95% of the time a driven front axle is a waste of fuel. Automatic Traction Control helps you maximise fuel efficiency. When you don’t need the extra traction, the system automatically disengages the front axle, reducing your fuel consumption. Automatically disengaging the front axle also reduces wear and tear.

No compromises

A driven front axle gets you out of trouble. But when it’s engaged, it impairs manoeuvrability. Unlike permanent all-wheel drive systems, ATC gives you the best of both worlds. When the driven front axle is engaged, you get all the traction you need. And when it’s disengaged (which it is most of the time), you improve the manoeuvrability of your truck.

Everything’s protected

The Volvo FMX chassis has been designed to protect all vital parts. The parallel rods and link rods are placed in line with the axle, inside the axle-casing envelope. The brake chambers and fuel tanks are also well protected.

The driven front axle has the same position as the non-driven axle – giving you a much better approach angle when climbing steep gradients (28° with driven front axle and tyre dimension 13R22.5). The driven front axle is also available with rear air suspension, providing a ground clearance of 300 millimetres.

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Want to test Automatic Traction Control for yourself? Contact your local Volvo Trucks dealer.