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Extreme mobility

When mud or sand have swallowed the road, the only way to stay out of trouble is to keep moving. Automatic Traction Control (ATC) makes sure you do just that. This revolutionary feature automatically engages the front axle at the exact moment you need it – and disengages it when you don’t. Then there’s Volvo Dynamic Steering, which makes steering effortless and smooths out every bump in the road.

ATC provides all the benefits of a selectable driven front axle, whilst being just as convenient as a permanent system.

Don’t compromise

A driven front axle gets you out of trouble. But when it’s engaged, it impairs manoeuvrability. Unlike permanent all-wheel drive systems, Automatic Traction Control gives you the best of both worlds. When the driven front axle is engaged, you get all the traction you need. And when it’s disengaged (which it is most of the time), you improve the manoeuvrability of your truck.

Discover Automatic Traction Control

No sweat steering

When things are rough under the wheels, you’ll want Volvo Dynamic Steering. The smart technology provides up to 85% additional steering force and cancels out disturbances. So you can sit back, and enjoy a smoother, more stable and less strenuous ride.

More reasons to love Volvo Dynamic Steering

Steeper hills, deeper ditches

We moved the driven front drive axle 100 millimetres forward, giving the truck a better approach angle. And redesigned it (from crown and pinion to bearings) to be stronger and more streamlined. We also integrated the parallel rod behind the axle beam, making the sturdy axle casing the lowest point of the vehicle and significantly improving ground clearance when fully laden.


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