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  • Cab measurements
  • Cab features

Cab measurements

Day cab

Day cab (FMX-DAY) with comfortable and ergonomic driver area. Interior height 157 centimetres: 114 centimetres on the engine compartment cover.

Sleeper cab

Sleeper cab (FMX-SLP) with comfortable overnight accommodation for one person. Interior height 157 centimetres: 114 centimetres on the engine compartment cover.

Globetrotter cab

The Globetrotter cab (FMX-HSLP) features comfortable overnight accommodation for up to two people. The cab offers extra storage space higher up. Interior height 196 centimetres, 153 centimetres on the engine compartment cover.

Crew cab

Crew cab with ample space for several additional passengers up to 7 persons. Interior height 1590 millimetres.

Cab Features

Four-point cab suspension

Choose from coil springs with dampers all-round, or air suspension with automatic level control all-round.

Air intakes

Air intake positioned on the left side and available in high or low versions.

Cab Colours

Choose from around 650 variants. 

Driver’s seat

Two different choices: Standard and Comfort. Both can be ordered
with optional upholstery. The seat’s total adjustment scope is 200
millimetres fore-aft, and 100 millimetres vertically. The driver’s seat is fitted as standard with a head restraint, adjustable and fold-down backrest, vertical and fore-aft adjustment, adjustable lumbar support and adjustable seat angle.

Passenger seat

Two different levels available: Standard and Comfort. Both can be ordered with optional upholstery. The passenger seats are equipped as standard with head restraints.


Lower bed measuring 70×200 centimetres. 16 centimetres mattress with pocket springs and excellent levels of comfort. Three firmness options: Soft, Semi-firm and Firm. Two options of overlay mattress protector also available: improves sleeping comfort and enables you to make the bed more easily. Comfort upper bed dimensions: 70×190 centimetres or 60×190 centimetres (option for Globetrotter cab).

Interior storage

The space above the windscreen consists of two storage compartments with roller doors as well as four ISO slots, one of which is saved for the tachograph. Under the bed in the sleeper cab and the Globetrotter cab, you'll find two large storage compartments that are accessible from outside. In the sleeper section there are two storages for magazines and small items. In the dashboard there are four open storages, a small storage box, a DIN slot storage, bird bath and a bottle holder.

Exterior storage

Storage space which is accessible from the outside can be found behind the passenger and driver seats.

Roof hatch

The cab is equipped with a roof hatch that can be opened 50 millimetres. On the inside there is a perforated sunblind, which also acts as an insect net when the hatch is open. The roof hatch is manually manoeuvred.


Steering wheel

Steering wheels come in two different sizes – 450 millimetres or 500 millimetres in diameter, depending on the specifications of the truck. The
steering wheel’s height can be adjusted by up to 90 millimetres and the
angle can be adjusted by up to 28 degrees. The steering wheel is available with or without an airbag. Integrated controls in the steering wheel provide safe and comfortable operation of cruise control, horn, phone and the functions in the driver information display and secondary information display.

Climate system

There is a choice of two alternative climate systems to cover all needs:

• Air conditioning with manual control (MCC).

• Air conditioning with automatic temperature control (ECC/ECC2).

The climate system can also be completed with cab and engine

parking heater.

Seat upholstery

Textile, Textile/Vinyl or Leather
Dynamic Textile, Textile/Vinyl or Leather
Soft textile or Leather
All comfort seats are available in ventilated versions.  

Wall upholstery

Robust Vinyl
Dynamic Textile
Progressive Textile


Get comfortable. Try the seat. The bed. Look in all the cupboards. You won’t believe how much space there is.