Precision in your decisions – that’s what Dynafleet is all about. At any given time, you can see the exact location and status of your drivers, trucks and assets – as well as get quality data for planning ahead and analyzing your operations. Better still, Dynafleet shows you what areas to focus on. Ready to get started?

Dynafleet services

A range of Dynafleet services can be activated in any combination. Each is available for a fixed monthly fee, including international communication roaming. And it can be accessed on any device through Volvo Connect, the interface for all your digital services.

System integration

For added flexibility, you can integrate Volvo Connect and Dynafleet services into your existing IT infrastructure. This means your fleet data can be used to enhance other third-party applications, from scheduling to payroll – bringing a new level of efficiency to your fleet management.

Company card hosting

Ask your local dealer to host your Company Card online. It’s a secure way to store and remotely download tachograph data, so you can conveniently track driver activity as required by legislation.

Fitting is easy

The Dynafleet hardware is either installed from the factory, or retrofitted by your Volvo Trucks dealer. No extra software is needed – simply log on to the Dynafleet web portal to access your fleet information. Or use your smartphone or tablet for updates anywhere.

Information and storage

Information about the vehicle and driver is sent to Dynafleet's database where it’s analysed and presented to you through easy-to-read reports. Your office and driver can communicate via text messages. And you can integrate your ordering or invoicing systems with Dynafleet.

The perfect package

Your local Volvo Trucks dealer can help you find the Dynafleet package that’s best for you and your business.

Dynafleet Fuel and Environment

Who’s your most fuel-efficient driver? And who needs training and support? The Dynafleet Fuel and Environment service saves you time analysing vehicle and driver data. It points out where optimisations can be made, and it keeps track on your CO2 emissions.

Start saving with Fuel and Environment