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Comfortable. Efficient. And high off the ground


A great construction truck needs high ground clearance. The Air Suspension GRAS-G2 system gives you 300 millimetres. As well as outstanding stability and driver comfort with any load. Designed initially for the gravel pit, Air Suspension GRAS-G2 is now available on the Volvo FH. 

Improved ground clearance

Spring members. Air bellows. Stabilisers. They’ve traditionally sat below the axle, in the line of fire for rocks and stones. Not any more. Our engineers turned the air suspension upside down and placed it on top of the drive axle. The result? You get the ground clearance of leaf suspension with the comfort and efficiency of air suspension.

Better traction, higher average speed

Optimised rear axle pressure on every axle means better traction. And you can adjust the axle load distribution to improve traction further. The air suspension also reduces the amount of vibration in the truck – giving you a more comfortable ride, a higher average speed and increased productivity. Reduced vibration damage boosts your uptime, too.

Stabilisers in bogie centre

Improved stabilisers play an important role in the new air suspension. Turned upside down and located centrally between axles, they convey road and trailer forces into the stiffest part of the frame to improve roll stability.

Axle-mounted air bellows

A new position above the axle means the air bellows are protected, and ground clearance is improved.

Protected brakes

No part of the braking system falls beneath the rear axle, so your truck can manage almost any obstacle.

Across the range

Air Suspension GRAS-G2 is available with 4×2, 6×4 and 8×4 axle configurations.


Air Suspension GRAS-G2

Type Axles Axle/Bogie load Reduction Tag/pusher axels
RAD-G2 4x2 13 t Single/hub  
RADD-G2 6x4/8X4 21/23/26t Single/hub  
RADDT-G2 8x4/10x4 27/33/36t Single/hub Tag axle (steered)

Roll with it

Test-drive a Volvo FH with Air Suspension GRAS-G2 and you’ll feel the difference. Instantly. Your local Volvo Trucks dealer has the keys.