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More fuel-efficient. Better traction. And a tighter turning radius. Tandem Axle Lift lets you disengage and raise one of the drive axles - giving you the traction and load capacity of a four-wheel drive, with the driveability and efficiency of a two-wheel-drive.

Optimum driving mode

Tandem Axle Lift is ideal if you drive heavily loaded in one direction and empty in the other. When the truck is unloaded, you push a button on the dashboard to disengage and raise the drive axle. As soon as you load the truck, the drive axle automatically lowers and engages to ensure maximum traction and driveability. It only takes about 15 seconds from start to finish, so you don’t waste valuable time.

Save up to 4% fuel

Drive axles produce friction and rolling resistance – which increases the amount of fuel you have to use. By disengaging and raising the axle when you don’t need it, you can reduce your fuel consumption up to 4% on a return trip with axle lifted. And significantly boosts your bottom line.

More manoeuvrable

When the axle is raised, the truck behaves similar to a 4x2 or a 6x2, resulting in a tighter turning radius and significantly improving manoeuvrability. A 6×4 with a 4.6 metres wheelbase, for example, can reduce its turning radius by over a metre.

Get a grip

Need more traction? If the axle load limits allow, simply press a button on the dash and you can shift the weight to one drive axle. 

Lift the axle. Boost your profit

To experience Tandem Axle Lift for yourself, visit your local Volvo Trucks dealer.