Volvo Trucks



Demanding long haul routes? Challenging construction sites? Fearsome logging tracks? The heavy duty bumper is designed for the world’s toughest terrain. Making the Volvo FH16 one of the most versatile trucks on the road.

Robust design

Similar to the Volvo FMX’s bumper, the heavy duty bumper is made of 3 mm high-grade steel. It’s also partly covered by a thick polypropylene coating which makes it less liable to scratches. Super strong and robustly designed, it’ll protect your truck from scratches, dents and broken headlights on any terrain.

Increase your uptime

The bumper is tough. But if you hit it so hard that it needs servicing, it’s an easy job to do. Constructed in three parts, with easily accessible screws, you can replace any damaged parts yourself – saving you a trip to the workshop and boosting your uptime.

Heavy duty entry step

Combine the heavy-duty bumper with a heavy duty entry step. Thanks to its flexible design, the foldable step can take minor bumps in all directions without breaking. The heavy-duty entry step is available for the X-High chassis.

Knock, knock

Want to put the heavy duty bumper to the test? Ask your local Volvo Trucks dealer for the keys.