Volvo Trucks


Wake rested. Drive better


When you’re well rested, you drive safer and smarter. The intelligent overnight cooling system in the Volvo FH helps you get a good night’s sleep – and a safer, more productive day on the road.

Quality sleep, built in

I-Park Cool is purpose-designed, factory installed and fully integrated into the vehicle climate system. So when hot temperatures plummet overnight it hands over to the parking heater, and you can sleep at your chosen temperature right through till morning.

Enjoy power-efficient cooling

I-Park Cool is so efficient it provides 1,000 W of all-night cooling capacity. If you want to take a break during a hot day, you can get a 2,500 W blast of cool for up to an hour.

Keep the cab space for yourself

The last thing we’d do with the extra cubic metre of standing space in the Volvo FH is mount an air con unit inside it. So we didn’t. Integrated into the climate system, I-Park Cool leaves all the room for you.

Don’t waste a drop of fuel

Mounting an air conditioner on top of the roof might be common, but it certainly isn’t cost effective. I-Park Cool is built in, keeping your aerodynamics and fuel consumption exactly where they should be.

Get A Silent Night’s Sleep

I-Park Cool is 20 decibels quieter than other air con systems. That translates into 75% less perceived sound, better
quality sleep and a much brighter morning.


Head to your local Volvo Trucks dealer for an I-Park Cool demo and more information about the highly intelligent Volvo FH.