Volvo Trucks


Less roof. More space


The low sleeper cab lets you access and easily manoeuvre on routes where vehicle height is limited. Only 320 centimetres from road to roof, the low sleeper cab is ideal for mining, logging and other height-sensitive applications.

80 cm to play with

If you need space above the cab, for a crane or timber, the low sleeper cab gives you the flexibility you need. We’ve also lowered the cab suspension by 20 millimetres, making it ideal if you need to fit equipment on the cab roof and stay within the European 4 metre limit.

A clutter-free roof

To help you get the most from the low cab height, we’ve removed everything from the roof. The WLAN and phone antenna are inside the cab, and the toll collect, FM, CB radio and Dynafleet antennas are on the cab sides.

How it adds up

A. Cab
B. Frame
C. Suspension
D. Tyres

Go low

If the low sleeper is your kind of cab, call or drop in to your local Volvo Trucks dealer. They’ll be happy to show you around.