Volvo Trucks


100% uptime. A solid gold promise 


Everything about the Volvo FH16 is designed to keep you on the road. And we mean everything. The Volvo Gold Contract – made possible by the telematics gateway – is our guarantee of 100% uptime. In fact, if you do break down and we can’t get you moving within an agreed timeframe, we’ll compensate you.

The key is in the Telematics Gateway

Smarter service planning 

With the Volvo Gold Service Agreement, servicing doesn’t compromise uptime. The Telematics Gateway gives the workshop access to engine data, mileage, fuel consumption and the status of vital parts while you’re on the road. This means you won’t be called in for maintenance until your truck actually needs it. You’ll also be alerted to a problem before it takes you off the road, and when you arrive at the workshop, they’ll have everything ready. So not a drop of time, or money, is wasted.

Routine maintenance, from anywhere 

Some maintenance doesn’t require a workshop visit. With Features Online, a technician can access your vehicle remotely to calibrate displayed fuel consumption, fuel tank size (if you’ve fitted extra tanks) and your preferred speed limit. It’s even possible to enable the load indicator function from a distance. Simply stop at the roadside for a few minutes and let your virtual technician take care of it.

Outstanding roadside assistance  

Unplanned stops happen, so the Volvo Gold Service Agreement includes Volvo Action Service On Call. Simply press the VAS button on your dash and you’ll be connected to an operator who will assist you. They’ll pinpoint your exact position and access your truck’s diagnostic trouble codes. Within minutes a service vehicle will be dispatched with the right mechanic, tools and spare parts for the job. No wasted time. No wasted resources.

What makes Volvo Action Service special


Find out how you can reach 100% uptime by getting in touch with your local Volvo Trucks dealer.