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Volvo FH dynamic chassis

The Volvo FH chassis is light, flexible – and it’s easy to customise and prep it for a superstructure. It gives you great handling, comfort and economy without compromising payload.

A precision instrument

The chassis makes the Volvo FH a precision tool on the road. Volvo Dynamic Steering is also available on trucks with dual front axles, dramatically reducing the load on the driver’s neck, back and shoulders. And if you need maximum ground clearance, GRAS-G2 air suspension is now available on the Volvo FH.

The lighter the better

If needed, the Volvo FH can can be optimised for low kerb weight. There’s a 6×2 pusher option available with a lightweight solo drive axle. The light weight axle in a 4×2 tractor configuration combined with a low weight rear suspension result in a reference weight of 7250 kg – including 405 litres of fuel in the tank.

Tandem Axle Lift.

Your Volvo FH is now available with the all-new Tandem Axle Lift, a revolutionary feature that allows the rearmost drive axle to be disengaged and raised when you unload. Just like a tag axle, this greatly improves the turning radius and reduces fuel consumption.

More about Tandem Axle Lift

Tractor chassis

1. Dual batteries
An optional dual battery installation offers increased power capacity in applications where this is needed.

2. Battery box (BBOX-EF)
Optional placement in the rear between the chassis frames.

3. Air Production Modulator
Placement between the chassis frames creates more space for chassis-mounted equipment such as fuel tanks.

Rigid chassis

1. Free frame space
Chassis packaging can be moved backwards to give space for crane legs or other equipment. (FAA10 – approx. 500 millimetres; FAA20 – approx. 600 millimetres).

2. Frame body builder hole row
The upper hole row is reserved for the body builder. All brackets have an offset and 8 millimetre spacer. No rivets are used.

3. Crane preparation
The chassis can be factory mounted with crane plates.

4. Rear air suspension and short rear end A redesigned forward-mounted stabiliser bar has the ability to reduce rear overhang – beneficial for construction applications and, asphalt-layer interface and swapbody applications.


The only way to really experience our dynamic new chassis is from behind the wheel. Your local Volvo Trucks dealer
has the keys.